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joker's bitch  

star ♥ 2nd september ♥ uni student
british asian ♥ gamer girl ♥ hufflepuff
♥ joker fetish ♥


Come on, baby! Beat me 'til your knuckles bleed...
And why quit there? You know there's only one way to stop me.


hi !! ♥ my name's star ! i'm a girly nerd that lives in the colour pink and crushes on fictional guys way too often which is becoming a srs problem. mistah j and queen quinn are my heart and soul. i love to be creative and neat, though i tend to be quite lazy at times. if it's in pink and hearts, i must have it. please don't be afraid to drop me a message any time. i don't bite at all ~ ♥

formerly STAR236

queen catwoman
♥ precious pink soul sister ♥

special bunbuns
the raddest homies you'll ever meet
ash / axel / cap / cera / dickie / kari / leo / mari
maya / mike / shan / shelly / sigma / sully / yuki

If you want to make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself, and then make a change

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soulwisps Featured By Owner 1 day ago
kaz can see quiet in this gifset, even though she's invisible?
but wait
the sorrow was a medium who could talk to (and possibly see) spirits. invisible things
the boss has blonde hair and blue eyes + has a similar facial structure as kaz
the boss is also super poetic with her words. so is kaz

coincidence? it definitely is. we know who the boss's child is, and it's not kaz
i'm just always over-analyzing stuff and this was just pretty interesting to me ?
and i thought i'd share it with you b/c why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
(1 Reply)
Its-Never-2-Late Featured By Owner 1 day ago
/ slides in
i see you know jen,, :^)
(1 Reply)
soulwisps Featured By Owner 4 days ago
why does the active mgs fandom on dA consist of me, you, like three other people, and a shoelace.
all i want is a really great bb account. thats all i ask for
sorry for spamming you by the way omg
(1 Reply)
CASTlEI Featured By Owner 4 days ago
harley in the suicide squad trailer
(1 Reply)
TechnoGamerSpriter Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
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